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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thinking about future :')

Assalamualaikum :)
Truthfully , i don't regret my past , but im just regret the time i've wasted with the wrong people . . .
I love my friends , my BESTFRIEND , my family , and the one that i'll always love is ALLAH SWT :) . Thanks for giving me someone that really can changed my life . Alhamdulillah . I dont care people want to talk about my past , for me , past is past . Just dont look back and do it again . Now , im just waiting for my prince charming ^^ awhhh ! and cant wait to continue my study . I want polytechnic JB and its too late for me ! UPU has close already . aiyakkk ! :(  and insyallah , PTPL shah alam , wait for me ! ~ Hahaha XD . and No matter what I’m going through , there’s always someone doing worst than me . I should be grateful for what I have and who I have . :) Thats all for today . 

P/s: I know that theres someone who will always check out my blog :) Thanks for your visiting . and i hope you will be more happy without me . and yes , more happy with your new girlfriend . Im just smile when i know about it and i dont feel anything . thats mean , my love towards you is nothing . and im so so so happy :) Thanks yaw for not disturbing my life anymore ^^ Have a great life with your loves :)

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